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Welcome to Weird Fiction Books, the online book shop specialising in real hard copy books in the genre Weird Fiction.

Strictly speaking, this genre covers Fantasy, Science fiction and Horror wriiten in the first half of the twentieth century - particularly by authors such as H P Lovecraft, William Hope Hodgson, Lord Dunsany and Clark Ashton Smith, to name but a few - we have titles from all these authors. 

Weird Fiction often blurs the divisions between horror, fantasy and science fiction, encompassing the supernatural, mythical, and scientific in its stories.

We also stock Crime Fiction (eg. Sherlock Holmes; Agatha Christie) and thrillers (eg. The Saint; Dennis Wheatley) and Adventure (eg. O'Brien; Kent; Forester, Sapper) and so much more - so why wait? 

Browse our website, choose your books, buy with confidence, and sit back and wait for a World of imagination to arrive on your doormat!